History of SE Supply Co.

How SE Supply Co. came to be…

In 1968, Bob and Lenora Temple, started a pizza restaurant in West Portsmouth, Ohio. Their son, Robert Temple, Jr., grew up in the pizza business. At 19, he purchased several commercial refrigerators from a friend who bought out a large grocery store. That was his first real interest in the restaurant equipment industry.
Robert started a Mexican and Italian restaurant at 21. One year later, the gentleman who Robert purchased the ovens from asked him to be a manufacturers representative in Pittsburgh, PA for CTX Conveyor Ovens, which was later bought out by the Middleby Marshall Corporation.

In 1985, Robert started his own manufactures representative company contracting for ACL Filco supplying Hardees, Arbys, Ruby Tuesdays, and several other companies. He started South Eastern Supply located in Atlanta, Georgia specializing in re-manufactured conveyor ovens and refrigeration. After working with H.D. Wells to create a gas infrared oven for Little Caesars, he moved back to Portsmouth, Ohio. Robert transitioned South Eastern Supply from offering only reconditioned ovens and refrigeration to offering all re-manufactured equipment for restaurants and bakeries.

In 2000, Robert hired his son, Rob Temple III who was a junior in high school to clean equipment. Rob III has since became South Eastern Supply’s leading service technician, offing service not only in their business, but businesses in the surrounding areas of Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia.
South Eastern Supply now operates as a family owned restaurant equipment supply company offering Lincoln, Middleby Marshall, and Blodgett ovens. Rebuilt Hobart mixers, as well as,  Acme dough rollers.  We have a money back guarantee on all dough rollers being sold, check out our dough rollers section for details.  Whether you’re a small business starting out or a big company chain, South Eastern Supply can offer what you need to keep your business running smoothly for years to come.